The Center for Education Policy (CFEP) at Keystone Policy Center is working at the forefront of efforts to expand access to quality education, improve student outcomes, and plan for the challenges of an evolving global economy. CFEP partners with educators, policymakers, communities, and industry leaders as they increasingly focus on the challenge of ensuring all students are prepared for tomorrow’s opportunities, with equitable access to a high-quality education that prepares them for the college or career path of their choice.

We offer experience and expertise in designing and convening productive conversations among diverse stakeholders on a wide array of complex issues in education policy and practice. Keystone’s education projects address a range of objectives including preparing and supporting the educator workforce, increasing access to high-quality courses and instruction that prepare students for success, supporting development of innovative learning experiences that meet the varied needs of students, and facilitating effective engagement of families and other stakeholders in the education system.


The Keystone Policy Center was founded in 1975 by Robert W. Craig — a visionary, scholar, and mountaineering legend — to independently facilitate the resolution of national policy conflicts.

Today, the Keystone Policy Center leads the ascent as a trusted guide in surmounting policy obstacles. An independent, not-for-profit organization, we bring together public, private, and civic sector leaders who have diverse perspectives but share a common desire to find lasting solutions to significant policy problems. Keystone does not advocate for any single position; rather, we help groups unearth a line of sight from contention to collective action. In this age of polarized debate on nearly every major topic in public policy, we offer a refreshing yet proven blueprint for progress.

Over the past 40 years, Keystone has built a portfolio of substantive work in energy, environment, education, health, and agriculture. Keystone has accomplished this work with a series of complementary approaches that reflect the diverse strategies utilized in leadership and successful issue resolution.