CFEP's work is rooted in engaging stakeholders who are directly involved with or affected by the policies or systems being explored, facilitating respectful discussions of differing viewpoints, and empowering stakeholders with research to inform conversations and solutions.

In all of our initiatives, we come to each partnership:

  • Led by a team with more than 20 years of experience working at the district and state education system levels to improve outcomes for kids and in the legislative and regulatory process;
  • With a commitment to ensuring all kids have access to an education that prepares them for success on the post K-12 path of their choice;
  • Objectively, with no agenda, ideological leanings or vested interest in any specific outcome or solution; and,
  • Prepared to support partners and efforts with qualitative and quantitative research and an in-depth understanding of education challenges, systems and practices nationwide.

At the core of work in education is a commitment to helping leaders and stakeholders proactively address system level challenges or opportunities for improvement and collaboratively develop solutions to address those challenges or seize those opportunities. In addition to being available to develop initiatives to engage stakeholders and experts on a wide range of topics in education, we have identified several areas of focus for which we are managing or developing programs. The programs described in the Focus Areas section are developed with partners at the national and state levels and tailored to their unique populations and contexts.