CFEP's programs and services are rooted in the answers to three key questions:

  1. Where is there opportunity or need to advance systemic change aligned with our commitment to improving outcomes for kids and ensuring equity of access to opportunity?
  2. What issues involve differing viewpoints or a history of contentious debate that would benefit from our particular expertise of helping policymakers and stakeholders find common ground to address complex issues of system or policy change?
  3. Can our organization's and team's previous work in and out of education, our expertise or our network of partners help start, meaningfully contribute to or advance the conversation?

With a focus on opportunities to engage diverse stakeholders and advance system-level change, our partnerships and work falls generally into two categories:

Education Programs that include the convening of a variety of stakeholders working to address specific policies or system; and

Direct Support for System Leaders through strategic consulting for senior leaders on change management and policy advancement and direct services including internal and external stakeholder engagement.


In 2023, CFEP's partnerships with state leaders and stakeholders are focused on three key areas of education systems:

The Teaching Workforce: Systems & Policies to Recruit & Retain Great Teachers read more

Career Readiness: Educating for Tomorrow’s Needs & Opportunities read more

Course & Program Access: Role of States & Local Officials Ensuring Equitable Access to Courses & Programs read more


In addition, we will continue to respond to the needs of communities and state leaders through work tailored to local context, events and opportunities, including partnerships that align with the following:

State Vision & Priorities: Developing a shared vision in states & communities for public education broadly, definitions of "student success" and of specific policies or initiatives. read more

State Policies & Systems: Strategic consulting for state leaders in their efforts to engage stakeholders, explore emerging trends and national research and advance system-level change on specific policy areas or initiatives. read more

Stakeholder Engagement
Gathering input, finding common ground & building support through genuine, two-way dialogs
Workgroups & Convenings
Empowering robust, respectful conversations and examination of research to develop collaborative solutions.
Policy Development
Helping state and local leaders craft, advance and implement research backed and aspirational policies.
System Design
Helping education leaders implement new systems with efficacy, fidelity and efficiency to advance their vision.