Systems & Policies to Recruit & Retain Great Teachers

CFEP and Keystone are working internally and with partners in states to advance conversations about two critical questions:

1) How can states elevate the teaching profession to recruit and retain great teachers who advance and improve outcomes for all kids?

2) What policy, system or practices best support these efforts and align state efforts with the needs of students?

To address these questions, we work with states and stakeholders to examine, develop recommendations and pilots to address challenges or opportunities in relevant policies, systems and workforce conditions. Our work with states is focused in three general areas:

  • Elevating the Teaching Profession;

  • Educator Preparation, Certification & Early Career Support;

  • Teacher Roles, Career Pathways & Workforce Design.

Stakeholder Engagement
Gathering input, finding common ground & building support through genuine, two-way dialogs
Workgroups & Convenings
Empowering robust, respectful conversations and examination of research to develop collaborative solutions.
Policy Development
Helping state and local leaders craft, advance and implement research backed and aspirational policies.
System Design
Helping education leaders implement new systems with efficacy, fidelity and efficiency to advance their vision.