Career Readiness

Career Ready, Success Ready

Educating for Tomorrow’s Needs & Opportunities

Whether a student will pursue a career after receiving a two-year, four-year, or advanced degree, is interested in a career that requires other types of post-high school training, or will enter the workforce directly upon graduation, there are a variety of professional and technical skills needed in today’s evolving economy. Too often, education, job creation, and economic development operate and exist in silos without the close collaboration necessary to truly position students for post-K-12 success on the path of their choosing. Our team has a long history of supporting education system and programmatic changes at the district and state level that CFEWP continues to build upon. Our Career Ready Initiative is designed to create coalitions, whose members will work together to better align public schools’ courses, programs of study and partnerships with local opportunities and needs. Coalitions arecomprised of local stakeholders, including state or district education officials, state or local economic development and workforce government offices, leaders from the public and private sector, educators, and communities.

Our Focus Areas

CFEWP partners with state and local leaders nationally to help find common higher ground and improve outcomes for kids.

Educator Workforce

The CFEWP team has been leading conversations across the country about how to re-imagine the role of teacher and the educator workforce from educator preparation through career pathways.

Career Readiness

CFEWP's Career Readiness Initiative helps education leaders collaborate with the private sector to ensure students are exposed to a wide array of career paths and opportunities to develop the skills to succeed.

Instructional Innovations

We help leaders and communities advance bold changes to how educators deliver instruction and students learn to focus on improving outcomes for all students.

Opportunity Access

CFEWP helps leaders and communities ensure all students have equitable access to the full diversity of education programs, courses and opportunities.

Workforce Alignment

By bringing together workforce data and leaders with educators, families and the workforce, we help states and communities ensure K-12, post-secondary and job training programs are aligned with today's and tomorrow's workforce needs.

State Policies & Systems

CFEWP helps stakeholders and leaders design, advance and implement new systems with efficacy, fidelity and efficiency to advance their vision.

The Center for Education & Workforce Policy (CFEWP) is working at the forefront of efforts to expand access to quality education, align job-training opportunities with tomorrow’s workforce needs and plan for the challenges of an evolving global economy.